Woman Spends $142,000 A Year Caring For Rescue Cats

She takes care of 122 abandoned cats, and to everyone’s surprise, her husband doesn’t mind at all!
Woman Spends $142,000 A Year Caring For Rescue Cats

A woman spends about £90,000 ($141,600) each year looking after 122 cats who were abandoned. Her husband doesn’t mind is fully supportive of his wife’s efforts.

Silvana Valentino-Locke has rescued each and every one of the 122 cats. 52 of them are living with her and her husband inside their four-bedroom home. The rest of the felines reside in nine cat houses they built in the garden and in a field nearby.

20 years ago, they have turned their entire property into a cat haven, now named Romney House Cat Rescue.

About 30 – 40 of these cats are currently waiting for their new homes. They have even hired two full-time employees to help them take care of all the cats.

The care that goes into 122 cats costs about £500 ($787) per week on food, litter and other expenses.

Her husband Tony supports his wife unconditionally. “Every man who comes to adopt a cat always asks, ‘have you got a husband?’ They can’t believe anyone would tolerate all these cats,” she told the Mirror.

“Luckily Tony works long hours so he doesn’t see all the work of caring for them.”

Out of the £90,000 ($141,600) annual bill, half of it is funded by Tony himself, who runs a courier film, and the rest of the money comes from donations, fundraising drives and their charity shop.

Even with 122 cats, their home is kept ship-shape clean from top to bottom.

“It takes about an hour and a half. We hoover and mop every bit of floor and furniture,” she told the Mirror.

“It’s a long, exhausting job. All the time the phone is going with people with cats that need to be rescued.”

Home is where your 122 cats are!

Furthermore, if you’re considering adopting a cat or a kitten, they currently have over 20 adorable felines of various ages eagerly awaiting a loving fur-ever home. Be sure to visit their website for more information. 

What truly captivates me about this story, beyond the noble act of rescuing cats, is the unwavering faith and support Silvana received from her friends and family. Their belief in her has resulted in remarkable accomplishments. 

I wholeheartedly wish for more individuals like Silvana and her family in this world.