White Kittens Found Screaming For Help In A Backyard Now Have A Fur-ever Home

However, luck was on their side, and they were discovered by some good-hearted folks...
White Kittens Found Screaming For Help In A Backyard Now Have A Fur-ever Home

A family in Nashville, Tennessee, began construction work on their house when they stumbled upon a furry surprise in their backyard. 

Two kittens, white as snow, were desperately screaming for help! Fortunately, this kind-hearted person reached out to help and investigated where the meows were coming from.

At first, they thought it was one kitten, but to their surprise, there was another one, looking exactly like its distressed sibling, just a few feet away.

Unexpected Rescue Mission Of Adele And Squeak

Credit: fosterkittens_tn

With no mama cat in sight, these kittens were left to fend for themselves. However, luck was on their side, and they were discovered by some good-hearted folks who brought them to Nashville Cat Rescue – a decision that would change their lives for the better.

These two kittens needed round-the-clock bottle-feeding, but that was no problem for Nathan and Becca, the dedicated foster volunteers who teamed up with Nashville Cat Rescue.

“They were filthy and covered in fleas and dirt. It took many baths to get them clean.”

Credit: fosterkittens_tn

These two troubled kittens were fondly named Adele and Squeak, and when they were big and strong enough to eat on their own, Becca and Nathan took them home.

Their foster journey continued in the warm home environment of their caring foster parents.

Credit: fosterkittens_tn

These snowy white cuties quickly showed just how cuddly and affectionate they were. It didn’t take long for them to become attached to their foster parents. 

The moment these fur babies discovered the warmth of a human lap was a cozy surprise they couldn’t resist.

As soon as they learned that their foster daddy’s lap was a great place for naps, they both climbed onto it and napped like never before. Becca walked in on this heartwarming sight, with both Nathan and the kittens sleeping peacefully.

“Both kittens are small for their age and love to comfort-nurse on blankets and our hands – a symptom of not having a mama kitty to nurse as babies. Otherwise, they are in great shape and adore other cats and everyone they meet.”

These two bundles of joy love cuddles and all the affection they can get. They try not to stay far away from a cozy lap, and whenever they want snuggles they will meow loudly to get what they want!

Credit: fosterkittens_tn

“They both make squeaking crying noises. Squeak is blue-eyed and loves his Foster mom, while Adele has a soft spot for Foster dad.”

Both kittens are curious and full of life, and out of all the cats and kittens in this foster home, they’re the cuddliest! If they see an empty lap, they won’t hesitate to jump onto it. Just look at how they “attack” their foster daddy:

These inseparable siblings do everything together – playing, cuddling, exploring, and charming their way into the hearts of everyone they meet. They will even ask for attention at the same time. 

They are both good with other cats too, sharing cuddles is never a problem! 

“They are the best buds and perfect playmates, but also brave enough to explore on their own.”

Finding A Fur-ever Home Together

Their foster journey led them from two frightened kittens in need of rescue to healthy and happy bundles of joy. 

Despite being without a mother, they always had each other for comfort and companionship. And, fortunately, their incredible bond led to them finding a forever home together.

Credit: fosterkittens_tn

Foster Kittens who work with Nashville Cat Rescue shared the heartwarming news on their Instagram:

“Our adoption is complete and of course they wouldn’t sit still for the photo! The snowballs went home with their mom and dad today and have a house full of kitties waiting on their arrival. We’ve even heard plans of Christmas sweaters and a photo shoot.”

Foster Kittens also added:

“We’re so grateful that Squeak and Adele will be loved and cherished in their new home.”

It’s truly wonderful when someone can provide a loving home for a bonded pair of kittens, ensuring they can stay together. I’m confident that Rachel, their new mom, will take excellent care of them.