Two Rescued Kittens With Hernia Get A Second Chance In Life

The kittens were at risk of intussusception and other complications that increased the cost of the surgery even more. The total cost of everything for both kittens was almost $8K.
Two Rescued Kittens With Hernia Get A Second Chance In Life

According to the , an umbilical hernia occurs when the umbilical ring doesn’t close completely after birth, resulting in a soft swelling beneath the skin.

Usually, hernias aren’t serious and can be repaired with surgery as long as they’re detected early.

Well, that wasn’t the case with these adorable kittens. Their case was more complicated and required treatment in a specialized hospital.

Sam’s treatment required approximately $4,000, covering the surgery, x-rays, tests, consultations, and other expenses. The rescue team said:

Following Sam’s procedure, Frodo underwent surgery thanks to the generous donations and the rescue team who took all the responsibility.

Frodo’s blood test initially indicated an abnormal kidney value, but thankfully, everything was back to normal after the surgery.

On the other hand, Sam behaved as if he had been a house cat his entire life. He enjoys all the attention. 

Still, it’s all thanks to the rescuers who did their best to help the kittens and succeeded!