This Kitten Has Captivating Two-Colored Eyes Of Blue And Green

Meet Spring, the kitten with dazzling dual-colored eyes that has won the hearts of many.
This Kitten Has Captivating Two-Colored Eyes Of Blue And Green

As avid feline enthusiasts and devoted cat parents, I’m sure we’ve all had the opportunity to watch kittens grow. Apart from witnessing them getting bigger in size, we also got to see the color of their eyes gradually change.

Every kitten will start off with baby blue eyes, and over the course of 4 to 8 weeks reach their permanent eye color. 

Source: abdulscats

Some felines get to keep their blue eyes, while others end up sporting odd-colored irises. This condition is referred to as heterochromia, and it adorns the protagonist of today’s story. 

Meet Spring, the kitten with dazzling dual-colored eyes that has won the hearts of many.

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Two Shades Of Beauty: Sparkling Blue And Beaming Green

Source: abdulscats

Spring and her mesmerizing eyes took the Internet by storm when her foster dad shared a couple of pictures on his Instagram profile Abdul’s Cats

Spring and her three siblings – all named after a season – came to Abdul when they were only a week old. They were found one rainy day on the street with their mom, Trixie, who was just a year old and severely underweight. 

Source: abdulscats

The whole family was brought to a local shelter. The litter of kittens was immediately transferred to Abdul, where Trixie joined them once she received much-needed veterinary care. 

Trixie and her kittens were so happy when they were reunited. Just look at how peaceful they look in this video: 

Spring’s beautiful eyes appeared when she was around 6 weeks old. In the description box of the pictures he shared, Abdul wrote: 

“The kitten’s eye colors have started developing, and it looks like Spring has heterochromia – her eyes are two different colors!”

It’s safe to say that people lost their minds once they laid their eyes on Spring! Some of them expressed their desire in the comment section to adopt the adorable kitten, and others said that heterochromia is their favorite feature. 

Source: abdulscats

But the grand majority of them agreed: What an appropriate name for such a unique kitty! 

One comment read: 

“Very pretty, green as grass, and blue like the sky.”

Out of the rest of the Four Seasons Family, Spring is the only one with heterochromia. And we have to admit – it suits her purrfectly!

(Four) Seasons Come And (Four) Seasons Go

kittens in a cat bed

Source: abdulscats

In every foster parent’s life, there will come a day when they’ll eventually have to say goodbye to their precious foster babies. So, naturally, the same happened to Abdul. 

In the description of this video, Abdul wrote:

“The seasons have come and gone onto their new homes. From first days to forever homes, these kittens have found their happily ever after.”

I was happy to hear that two of the kittens, Winter and Autumn, were adopted together, while Spring and Summer found their furever homes separately. 

But most importantly – all four of them were adopted into feline-loving households.

So, what’s there to say in the end? Make sure you check Abdul’s Instagram profile and witness the entire Four Seasons fostering journey. 

Also, make sure to visit Abdul’s YouTube channel, where you can find interesting videos well worth your time.