Stray Cat Surprises Her Rescuers With Two Tiny Kittens

When this sweet stray kitty was finally rescued from the streets after roaming outside for years, no one knew about the surprise she had for them...
Stray Cat Surprises Her Rescuers With Two Tiny Kittens

When this sweet stray kitty was finally rescued from the streets after roaming outside for years, no one knew about the surprise she had for them.

The cat was first noticed in one neighborhood, and she was in desperate need of help. At the same time, a few kind-hearted people were trying to rescue another cat of the same age.

They assumed the two cats were sisters, but unfortunately, the other cat didn’t make it. When a woman named Maude heard about that heartbreaking story, she was determined to save the remaining cat from the streets.

The area where the cat was found wasn’t very safe for cats, and what’s even worse, the cat was terrified. With a lot of effort, Maude managed to safely catch the cat using a humane trap and brought her home.

Maude named the cat Mulan, and upon seeing her poor condition, she immediately contacted her local rescue, Chatons Orphelins Montréal, for assistance.

Mulan was skin and bones and also had an upper respiratory infection. Luckily, she got a roof over her head and plenty of food. Celine from Chatons Orphelins Montreal said:

“She was so terrified of humans, spitting and hissing at the vet’s office. The checkup was difficult as she kept jumping on the cupboards to escape.”

Everyone was aware that this wouldn’t be an easy journey, but fortunately, Mulan quickly adjusted to her new life. With the right treatment and diet, she started to heal and gain weight.

She even started allowing people to approach her. However, the biggest surprise came when the staff took her back to the clinic for a follow-up.

“We learned that she was pregnant, and her pregnancy was advanced. A few days later, Mulan went into labor and gave birth to her first baby.”

By observing her behavior, it was obvious that these were her first babies. Mulan seemed confused and unsure of what to do. Luckily, the staff was there to help her figure it all out and help the kittens survive.

“She didn’t seem to know what to do and just left her baby there. We put the kitten on her belly, and he started nursing right away. She had a second one in the hours that followed, and we helped her find mama’s milk, too.”

After 24 hours, Mulan’s maternal instinct kicked in, and she provided her kittens with the best care, never leaving their side.

Little by little, everything turned out great. The kittens grew bigger and stronger with each passing day, and Mulan slowly warmed up to her foster family as she realized they wouldn’t harm her.

She became so relaxed that she even allowed her humans to hold her babies. Celine said:

“Mulan was still very shy but decided to trust her foster family completely. The kittens, Muchu and Cri-Kee, never ran out of milk from their mother. Once they were weaned, they turned into sweet, playful, and very cuddly kittens.”

When these two adorable kittens, who look exactly like their mother, were old enough, they quickly found their forever homes together!

After the kittens left, Mulan was spayed so that she could enjoy the rest of her life in peace. Then, she had more time to focus on adapting to people even more and exploring her environment.

As time went by, Mulan learned how to play like a kitten again. She enjoyed being at the center of attention and sunbathing while watching the neighbors or birds through the window. Her foster parents said:

“She even came to sit next to us for treats. She was quiet and very observant. She liked to supervise us with her big eyes.”

Finally, after roaming outside for years, raising her kittens, and learning to trust, it was time for Mulan to find her forever home. 

Luckily, one family fell in love with her as soon as they saw her. They wanted to give her everything she needed to have a happy life. 

Everyone who had been with Mulan throughout the process was proud of her progress and how far she had come. The rescue team said:

“It’s amazing how far she’s come. When we first got her, she wouldn’t let anyone near her, let alone touch her. After a few months of socialization, she blossomed into a happy, playful, affectionate cat.”

From a stray, terrified cat who feared humans to a sweet, affectionate, and lovely kitty who now enjoys living her best life; Mulan’s transformation is truly heartwarming.

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