Meet Bum, The Kitten Born With “Worried Eyes,” Who Stole The Everyone’s Heart

This condition, combined with the markings around his eyes, gave Bum his forever worried look. But don’t let that trick you – he was and remained one happy and affectionate kitty.
Meet Bum, The Kitten Born With “Worried Eyes,” Who Stole The Everyone’s Heart

Meet Bum! This little kitty was born with a pair of worried eyes.

He was only 4 weeks old when he arrived at the San Diego Humane Society Kitten Nursery with his siblings, and he stole everybody’s heart.


It was immediately noticed that he was a bit different from his brothers and sisters, his eyes are crossed in a way that makes him look forever worried.

He may not seem like your ‘normal’ kitty but rest assured he is a healthy, happy and as charming as he can be.


He was soon adopted and his human, Courtney, who named him Bum, told:

“He is shy with new people, but once he knows you he is a love bug. He loves morning cuddles and to sleep under the covers!”

He also LOVES other cats, especially kittens, and has helped his human raising multiple foster litters and will spend time with injured ones who are being rehabilitated.


Courtney says that he’s almost as goofy and silly as he looks, but don’t let that for you because he is very smart and extremely bright.

He is also a very helpful cat and especially likes helping his human raise the foster kittens.


He’s been growing up real fast and looks very dapper with his tie on!


He loves to hang out with his best buddy Admiral Kitty Kingman and as you can see neither of them are camera shy!


As Bum got older a very cute freckle appeared on his nose that’s made him all the more endearing.


watch the video below:

You can also follow the adventures of Bum and see many more pictures on Instagram.