Large Cyst Discovered On The Cat’s Brain, Requiring $25,000 Surgery

Her seizures were described as “violent and dramatic,” and she was probably in so much pain...
Large Cyst Discovered On The Cat’s Brain, Requiring $25,000 Surgery

It’s heart-wrenching to think about how some cats endure challenging lives. Luckily, many of them get rescued. One such cat is Princess, who was found on the street struggling to survive.

When her rescuers saw Princess in such dire straits, they wasted no time in helping her. They brought her to Timaru’s Family Vet, knowing she would receive the necessary care there.

Unfortunately, after a thorough examination, it was discovered that Princess was underweight and even visually impaired. That really affected her jumping abilities, but not her fighting spirit. 

Credit: Timaru’s Family Vet

Despite her health issues, she found happiness at the vet clinic. The clinic’s staff instantly fell in love with her charming personality, and she even gained a furry companion – a cat named Pearl.

Everything seemed fine until Princess started experiencing seizures, a few months after her arrival at the clinic. 

Her seizures were described as “violent and dramatic,” and she was probably in so much pain. However, her loyal friend Pearl never left her side, not even once.

As the seizures became more frequent, the vet decided to investigate what was happening in Princess’s brain. The vet explained:

“Due to our knowledge that seizures in cats are rare and usually trauma-related we decided to have an MRI scan done on Princess’s brain.”

The results were far from promising. Princess had a large cyst on the left side of her brain, likely present since birth and gradually expanding, putting pressure on her brain and causing seizures.

Credit: Timaru’s Family Vet

To give Princess a chance at a happy life, she needed brain surgery, an expensive procedure that cost around $25,000. 

Despite the cost, the vet clinic’s staff couldn’t turn their backs on Princess. So, they did everything they could to provide her with the necessary surgery and give her the chance to live a happy life.

The staff set up a fundraiser for Princess and quickly collected the money from the donations, making Princess ready for surgery with Dr. Richard Jerram.

Credit: Timaru’s Family Vet

To everyone’s relief, Princess’s surgery went remarkably well, and she recovered so swiftly that she was back home within a week.

But just when they thought the ordeal was over, a new issue emerged. Princess continued to have occasional seizures. A CT scan revealed that she needed one more surgery to achieve a seizure-free life.

Once again, the clinic’s staff spared no effort to get Princess the necessary surgery. Princess displayed incredible courage and determination, overcoming all obstacles and coming out seizure-free.

Credit: Timaru’s Family Vet

The owner of Timaru’s Family Vet, Dr. Jamie Crilly, showed remarkable kindness and restored faith in humanity, saying:

“We had no hesitation in her having the operations. She’s a special cat to us, and what she means to us equates to more than the cost of the operations. She’s very popular at the clinic. We couldn’t pay for the equivalent. She’s also a therapy cat, and she certainly works for it.”

Princess truly rules the clinic and is adored by everyone who sets foot there, whether they are staff, patients, or pets.

Credit: Timaru’s Family Vet

She ensures that everyone who comes there feels loved and comfortable, just as she did when she first arrived at the clinic.