Kitten With A Winking Face Asks A Family To Let Her In The House

“She doesn’t know that she has any issues, and we just want to give her the best chance possible.”
Kitten With A Winking Face Asks A Family To Let Her In The House

Considering the number of helpless cats and kittens on the street, each one of them is different. While most strays keep their distance from humans and fend for themselves, others break the ice and come seeking help.

Just like that, this unusual tuxedo kitten arrived at a family’s house in Orlando, Florida, meowing for attention as though she were asking for assistance.


When the woman opened the door and approached the tiny kitten, she noticed that the kitten was in desperate need of help.

The kitten had an upper respiratory infection and some facial issues, like a charming “wink” on her face.

Without hesitation, the woman immediately took the kitten and brought it inside. Then, she reached out to Liberation Cat House, a local cat rescue in Orlando, Florida, that could provide the kitten with professional care and help.


As soon as the kitten was given to the local cat rescue, Ashley, director and foster with Liberation Cat House, stepped in to care for the kitten and said:

“She was caring for the kitten while searching for a rescue, and thankfully, I had the space to help.”

The kitten was not only in safe hands but also got an interesting and unique name – Bug. Since the finder had been calling the kitten Bug from the day she found her, the name just stuck.

Upon closer examination, Bug turned out to be a six-week-old kitten with one open eye and one nostril. 

The problem with her other eye was that the eyelid and eyeball didn’t fully develop, and the iris in her open eye was partially underdeveloped. Ashley shared:

“She also has searching nystagmus, which is where her eye has rapid uncontrolled movements. The doctor thinks that she was born with very low vision in that (open) eye if she’s not fully blind.”


Despite her condition, Bug’s spirit remained unbroken. Upon arriving at the rescue, she wasted no time on exploring her new surroundings. Still, her joy was emphasized the most once she discovered toys. 

But, besides playing and running around, Bug also became an adorable lap kitty. Ashley shared:

“She was friendly from the start. Once she had gotten to know me, she was quite happy to curl up in my lap on the couch.”

What surprised Ashley the most was how quickly Bug adapted to her new environment, displaying a relaxed, brave, and curious nature. 

Most kittens require more time to adjust, but Bug was an exception. Ashley added:

“She is super sweet and lets me handle her easily, even taking her med like a champ.”


Bug is one content kitty who enjoys her little adventures, exploring everything around her despite her challenges. Ashley happily noted:

“She doesn’t know that she has any issues, and we just want to give her the best chance possible.”

At the rescue, Bug was receiving the best care for her eyes and a heart murmur, ensuring she lived her life to the fullest.

Bug proudly wears her permanent wink and adorable smirk, not letting anything or anyone stop her, not even the vets.

During a visit to the ophthalmologist, she simply played and interacted with the staff, making everyone laugh. Ashley said:

“Everyone just loved Bug, and she was playing in the exam room the whole time. That’s one amazing thing about her – she doesn’t let anything get her down.”

kitten sitting in the corner


Bug was once a tiny kitten in desperate need of help, but her indomitable spirit granted her a second chance at life. Ashley added:

“I think if Bug could talk, she’d say that she has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Her confidence and energy give me hope. She can play and navigate around the house even if she doesn’t see fully.”

The rescue team hoped that despite her condition, Bug’s cheerful disposition would help her find a forever home.

Fortunately, it didn’t take Bug long to find her fur-ever human. A woman named Lisa from Pittsburgh instantly fell in love with Bug and expressed her desire to adopt her. Ashley shared with excitement:

“Bug is so excited because we have some news to share –  she is officially adopted.”

Even better, Lisa has experience with special needs animals and is committed to providing Bug with the best care possible. 

In Pittsburgh, there is a veterinary cardiology practice to monitor Bug’s heart and not just that! 

Lisa has other kitties at home, who have warmly welcomed Bug into their furry family.

Lisa knew that Bug had captured the hearts of many, so she even started an Instagram account, so her fans could keep up with her new life. If you’d like to see Bug’s life now, just give her a follow!

Source: much_love_for_bug

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