Inseparable Rescued Twin Kittens Find A Forever Home Together

These two kittens lived a rough life since they lost their mother; however, they always had each other and a strong will to survive.
Inseparable Rescued Twin Kittens Find A Forever Home Together

Siblings are known for sharing a unique connection, and this phenomenon extends to kitten siblings as well. If you don’t believe it, just wait until you dive into Jace and Jackie’s heartwarming story.

These two kittens lived a rough life since they lost their mother; however, they always had each other and a strong will to survive.

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Luckily, everything started to get better when the two kittens were rescued by the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, Texas. However, due to their very young age, they needed special care, including round-the-clock care to live, grow, and thrive.

Of all the rescued kittens, Jace and Jackie needed the most help. That was when Lauren Strycula, a dedicated foster volunteer, decided to take them into her own hands.

Source: @our_fostering_tails

Lauren brought the kittens into her home, ensuring they had everything they needed. She also helped them with their struggles. Initially, Jace had difficulties with drinking from a bottle, but Lauren helped her figure it out.

But, what was fascinating the most was the incredible bond between the two kittens. In the beginning, they struggled a lot, but they could get through anything as long as they had each other to cling to.

With their powerful fighting spirit and Lauren’s help, the kittens began improving and grew stronger and happier with each passing day.

Source: @our_fostering_tails

As their energy levels increased, Jace and Jackie also began exploring their surroundings and learned how to eat from a bowl and use the litter box.

They did everything together and they always kept each other close. However, despite being together all the time and looking almost identical, their personalities were far from similar.

Jace is the kitten who loves getting into trouble, while Jackie is a sweet and calm girl. Despite their different personalities, the kittens simply refused to leave each other’s side. 

Lauren was aware that separating them was out of the question. So, she had to find a family who would adopt both kittens together.

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This adorable pair of kittens was so adorable that adopting them together didn’t turn out to be a problem. When they were put up for adoption, a couple immediately contacted the rescue.

When Alexandra and Bryan saw Jace and Jackie on Instagram, they immediately fell in love with them and knew they were meant to adopt them.

Lauren was sad and happy at the same time. She had a hard time saying goodbye to the kittens that she brought back to life; however, she was happy for them and their new life journey.

Not only did Jace and Jackie get a new family and a forever home, but they also got new names, Whiskey (Jace) and Pippa (Jackie), as a symbol of a new chapter in their life.

Source: @whiskeyandpippa

Whiskey and Pippa quickly adjusted to their new home and bonded with their new family. After some time, Alexandra said that the adorable duo is still inseparable and that they’re still doing absolutely everything together.

If you liked Whiskey and Pippa’s story, you can follow their amazing journey on their Instagram account and keep up with their daily activities.