Girl Uses Birthday Money To Rescue 14 Abandoned Kittens

Just a few days after her birthday, Lucinda decided to use her birthday money to rescue 14 kittens in need and take them to Lort Smith Animal Hospital.
Girl Uses Birthday Money To Rescue 14 Abandoned Kittens

Children are truly remarkable, often surprising us with their inquisitive nature and capacity for learning. Yet, what’s even more astounding is their innate empathy for other living beings.

Meet Lucinda, a teenage girl with a heart of gold who marked her 13th birthday by performing an act of kindness that touched many hearts. 

Just a few days after her birthday, Lucinda decided to use her birthday money to rescue 14 kittens in need and take them to Lort Smith Animal Hospital.

Shortly after her birthday celebration, fate led Lucinda to discover five kittens while riding her bike through her neighborhood. The rain began to fall, and as she saw these poor kittens, lost and scared, she couldn’t bear to leave them behind.

“They were so cute. I didn’t want to leave them, they looked so forlorn and lost.”

However, their cuteness wasn’t going to suffice. Lucinda needed a way to carry the kittens with her…

“It was raining so I ran home to get a laundry basket to collect them.”

Credit: Lort Smith

To her surprise, when Lucinda returned to pick them up, nine more kittens had appeared. All of them approached her, making her rescue mission quite challenging. Nevertheless, Lucinda was unwavering in her resolve to help them all.

Back at her home, Lucinda contacted the animal hospital and arranged an appointment with the veterinary staff. However, she faced the challenge of transporting all the kittens to the hospital. 

This is where her decision to use her own birthday money came into play. Lucinda explained: 

“It was my birthday a few weeks ago and someone gave me $50 so I used it for a taxi to take the kittens into Lort Smith.”

So Many Kittens

Credit: Lort Smith

At the time of her rescue, it was the peak of summer, known as “kitten season,” when countless kittens required assistance and care. However, the hospital staff did not deter Lucinda from her mission. 

Once they arrived at the hospital, the kittens received the necessary treatment and embarked on their journey to a better life. They will eventually find loving foster homes and, once healthy and of age, will hopefully be adopted into their fur-ever homes. 

The hospital will also provide them with essential vaccinations, microchips, and perform neuter/spay surgeries before adoption.

Thanks to the remarkable generosity and compassion of this young teenager, these kittens have been given a chance at a new life. Lucinda’s example serves as an inspiration for others to lend a helping hand to animals in need.

Lort Smith Hospital recognized Lucinda’s selfless act and shared it on their Facebook page, stating:

“A beautiful act of kindness: 13-year-old Lucinda used her birthday money to save 14 abandoned kittens. You can help too! Year 7 student and animal lover Lucinda was riding home from school when she spotted several abandoned kittens… There were 14 kittens in total! Lucinda’s father gave her permission to use $50 she was given from her aunty for her birthday to get a taxi to take the kittens to safety at Lort Smith Animal Hospital. Amazing!” 

Kindness Always Pays Off

Credit: Lort Smith

Lucinda’s kindness even prompted others to offer repayment for her act. However, she graciously requested that the money be donated to Lort Smith instead, highlighting the true essence of kindness.

Many comments rolled in, praising the teen’s act:

“If someone could tell me how… I’d like to give that lovely girl her money back… and a gift! What a wonderful child!”

Many more individuals reached out, and the staff at Lort Smith Animal Hospital shared how another reader had contacted them, expressing a desire to reimburse Lucinda for her kindness.

The hospital team got in touch with Lucinda’s family to inform them of these generous gestures. In response, Lucinda’s family expressed their preference for the funds to be donated to Lort Smith instead – a true exchange of kindness. 

While I don’t have specific information about whether all those individuals donated to the animal hospital, Lucinda’s selfless act undeniably serves as a powerful example of pure kindness, inspiring others to make a positive impact in the world.