Funny Tweets About Pets Confused By Human Things (Mostly Dogs)

Pets Confused By Human Things
Funny Tweets About Pets Confused By Human Things (Mostly Dogs)

What goes into the mind of our pets while they are staring at an object?

While it’s still a mystery to us, it can be hilarious to watch our pets being confused. Like my cat would always be curious about the food that I eat. If there’s someone else in the house, my cat would open her eyes completely and stare at me (as if she’s asking me who’s the intruder in the house). These behaviours are really hilarious. For example, if you put your pet in front of the mirror for the first time, the way they would react would make you laugh hysterically.

So it all started with a tweet that went viral about a dog being confused by elevators. As soon as the tweet went viral, people started sharing their experiences about how their pets would get confused by normal human stuff. The experiences that were shared were extremely funny and they are definitely going to brighten up your day! So, are you ready to laugh? Start scrollin’!

1. That’s how it all started.

Via @ronnui_

But that’s an interesting perception!

2. Cats being cats – curious!

Via @StevenX_DFA

3. Aww poor little thing didn’t know the entire floor is changed.

Via @Trishilishd

4. Now that is one smart pupper you got there!

Via @WebBehrens

5. It’s incredibly cute when they do that!

Via @pip_pip_hooray

6. Doggo be like, “Well, that ain’t my fault. You pressed the wrong button, hooman!”

Via @Darkmerez

7. It’s the latter.

Via @hoooliaaaa

8. They can’t wait for the eleavtor’s door to be opened!

Via @missnighthawk

9. What a cutie!

Via @todd_harmon

10. Perhaps he understands that it’s a new level. Dogs are extremely smart, don’t underestimate them.

Via @thekevster101

11. Spy mode on!

Via @NaughtSpy

12. They don’t believe until they test it out themselves.

Via @khouri86

13. Cat’s don’t trust anything, anyone.

Via @JiniMae

14. Courageous indeed!

Via @Tripspower1

15. Wish we could see a picture of that!

Via @Briowa

16. Maybe he tries to save them?

Via @jhpracht

17. That’s hilarious!

Via @Ray_drpogldnsun

18. It’s probably the latter.

Via @tryali_

19. Now that’s one hell of a hilarious sight!

Via @AndyGHKTweet

Ah, we have finally reached the end of this post but we are sure that you couldn’t stop laughing and imagining your own pets (if you have any). It’s truly hilarious to watch our pets being confused by the most conventional things. We bet that you could relate to a majority of these instances! Still, we would love to know which one could you relate to and which is the most hilarious confusion that you have witnessed of your pet? Let us know about it down in the comments section! Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family to bring a smile on their faces!