Disabled Cat Was Rejected By His Own Mom, But A Kind Woman Took Him Home

“Otter has a very, very rare condition. He wears a helmet.”
Disabled Cat Was Rejected By His Own Mom, But A Kind Woman Took Him Home

Caroline established Baby Kitten Rescue which focuses on neonatal critical care and disabled kitten rescue. 

“Otter has a very, very rare condition. He wears a helmet.”

Let’s see how they saved these poor kittens… 

Meet Otter And Bunny

Baby Kitten Rescue works with over 25 people who foster and take care of the rescue kittens. 

Someone reached out to them on their Instagram profile when they found Otter and his sibling Bunny abandoned outside. 

“They waited for mom to come back and she never did.”

The two of them were missing a large part of their front arms and were about two weeks old when they were found. Meaning they still needed to nurse.

Their rescuer tried to bottle-feed them but soon realized that the kittens had physical abnormalities, so they contacted Caroline.

“When they arrived, they were pretty sick. They had respiratory infections and horrible stomach issues and fleas.”

Fortunately, with the right medication and suitable treatment, the kittens got better soon. However, it was discovered that Otter had a hole in his skull, and a part of his brain came out of it.

He was at a high risk of infection and injury to his brain.

So, Caroline and her team put out a call on social media, and one of their followers reached out and offered to make a helmet for Otter. 

“We’ve had many different kinds of models and finally found one that worked.”

Otter wore his helmet pretty much nonstop. He didn’t even try to scratch it or pull it off. He was really good about it, even when they would take it off and clean his head. And the best part is, he wasn’t feeling any pain or discomfort.

“He does not have any trouble with balance, he does not have seizures, which is incredible and kind of a miracle considering his condition.” 

Otter is really just a simple, happy kitty. He is super cuddly and sweet, and playful too. 

“He’s just a normal kitten who wears a helmet.”

He gets along very well with Bunny. They are true siblings: annoying each other, playing, and all that. 

The two were always together while they were in foster care at Caroline’s. Caroline was concerned about Bunny even more at the beginning since she is missing most of her front legs. 

However, she adapted extremely well to her disability. 

“These kittens deserve to have a happy, full, loved life just as much as any other kitten.”

Many people often express their sadness for the kittens, but Caroline argues that it’s not sad at all. 

“They have such a love for life. They are so playful and so happy all the time.”

However, Otter’s helmet was not a definite solution. He needed surgery to fix that congenital defect. 

If you ask me, Otter is one very cool feline!

He had his surgery and it went great! 

“His surgery was a success, and he made a full recovery! He no longer has to wear a helmet and can live the rest of his life without having to worry about injury or infection to his brain,”

Now when they were fully recovered, it was time to find them a fur-ever home! So, Caroline succeeded once again!

Caroline’s good friend Megan adopted both of them. They were inseparable, after all. 

Otter and Bunny have gotten accustomed to their new mommy and their forever home pretty well.

They really seem to enjoy their new life. 

Caroline is truly an amazing person for rescuing and saving these two kittens, even though it seemed like there was not much chance for them to survive. 

Especially Otter…

Thanks to her and Baby Kitten Rescue, the two kittens fully recovered and are now living the life many of us couldn’t have even imagined. They’re just two silly kitties enjoying their naptime and cuddles, just like any other cat.

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