Blind Tuxedo Cat, Fostered By Howard and Beth Stern, Finds Forever Home with Cats Just Like Her!

Blind Tuxedo Cat, Fostered By Howard and Beth Stern, Finds Forever Home with Cats Just Like Her!

NEW YORK – A blind cat has absolutely blossomed after being adopted into a home with other cats who are just like her.

Blossom was in need of a home that would be sensitive to her needs following her rescue by the North Shore Animal League in Port Washington, New York.

When Susan Smith heard about her, she just knew that Blossom would be a great addition to her family, which already included other special needs cats, according to The Dodo.

‘Blossom is a sassy diva,’ Smith said to The Dodo.

‘I’ve never seen a cat with such a bossy spirit. She is constantly making me laugh, like when she ignores me because she thinks I can’t see her.’

Back when Blossom was first rescued, she was found with a severe eye infection that was caused by an upper inflammatory virus.

Due to the infection, the staff at the North Shore Animal League decided to have both of her eyes removed.

Following Blossom’s surgery, she was placed in a foster home for about a month with radio personality and certified cat man, Howard Stern and his wife Beth, who are both very passionate animal advocates.

The couple is renown for fostering cats, with Beth noting in an interview last month that she has fostered and saved the lives of just about 300 cats and kittens over the past few years.

Beth Stern has also served as the national spokesperson for the North Shore Animal League for a whopping 12 years.

After Blossom recovered at the couple’s New York apartment, she was then ready to be up for adoption, which was right when Smith stepped in.

Adjusting to her new home has been extremely easy for Blossom, who quickly became acquainted with her blind cat siblings, according to the people at The Dodo.

Smith noted that her family’s main challenge, ‘if there really is one,’ is making absolutely sure they are not in the way when the cats race around the house.

‘They really have the house mapped out in their heads,’ she told The Dodo.

This past Thursday, Smith celebrated Blossom’s one-year ‘adoptaversery,’ during which she thanked Beth Stern for ‘giving us this incredible gift.’

‘I can’t believe it’s been a year with our sassy diva,’ Smith commented in a post on an Instagram page devoted to capturing the everyday lives of Blossom and her cat siblings.

‘Thank you @bethostern for giving us this incredible gift and thank you, Blossom for always making us laugh. Happy Adoptaversery Blossom.’

She later thanked all of the fans for celebrating their first ‘Happy Blossom Day.’

‘We loved reading all of your wonderful comments, unfortunately, I couldn’t read them all to Blossom because it would go right to her head,’ Smith noted, smiling!