A Pregnant Stray Cat Decides To Stay At A Police Station With Her Babies, And They Hire Her

These officers respectfully buried her kittens, but the cat did not return… until this moment...
A Pregnant Stray Cat Decides To Stay At A Police Station With Her Babies, And They Hire Her

This pregnant stray kitty carefully selected a police station as her sanctuary. She started purring and getting under the skin of the policemen in there. 

Little did she know the attention and affection that awaited her. All the policemen quickly grew fond of her, and this South Korean police station would never be the same again…

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This police station is now successfully managed by a litter of adorable kitties. It all began when the cat first arrived. Unfortunately, she had been hit by a car, and her kittens at the time did not survive.

These officers respectfully buried her kittens, but the cat did not return… Until this moment. 

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The cat was now again happy… and pregnant once more. This time, she was clever and arrived at the police station before giving birth. She returned to the same station, perhaps aware that they would treat her well.

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However, this time, the cat came back to stay.

They warmly welcomed her, and once they discovered she was pregnant, their care and attention grew even stronger, ensuring they wouldn’t frighten her away.

The policemen prepared for the kittens’ arrival. They set up a comfortable spot for the mama cat and the officers on duty assisted her throughout.

They made sure that everything went smoothly during the birth. Everyone immediately fell in love with their “police kittens” and pledged to care for them until they were strong enough to fend for themselves. 

The mama cat was named Molang, which means “I don’t know” in Korean. The police officers had no idea where the cat came from, or why she chose to stay at their station. 

They initially thought they would only keep the kittens for a few weeks, but as time went by, the kittens remained. Months later, they were playing and running around. 

Now, they have become permanent residents of the area, receiving all the love and attention of the on-duty police officers.

Sometimes, it’s challenging to concentrate on work with all these adorable little ones running around. Policemen spend a lot of time playing and cuddling with the kittens, of course, ensuring their health and well-being. 

The way I see it, Molang chose the purrfect place to have her babies. 

The police station even hired the mama cat, making her an official member of the Force. She now has her own uniform and everything. 

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I have no doubt she is serious, responsible, and dedicated to her job! 

The kittens, of course, following in their mother’s footsteps, have also become “police cats” and hold important positions at the Police Station. Their presence significantly boosts morale in the workplace.

When the kittens are on duty, everyone feels uplifted. They provide encouragement and motivation to the policemen during their workdays. Trust me, their assistance is greatly valued.

What’s even better is that their lives aren’t solely focused on work. These little kitties have time to rest, nap, relax, and snuggle up in boxes scattered throughout the station. In addition to that, they play and enjoy their time just like any other kittens.