A Kind Family Adopts A Cat And Her Four Rare Brown-Colored Kittens

No one knew where this furry family came from, but Laura noticed several things. She said 👇
A Kind Family Adopts A Cat And Her Four Rare Brown-Colored Kittens

A beautiful furry family was found in need of rescue. The people who found the furry family contacted Laura Malone, a director of Mini Cat Town in San Jose, California. 

Thanks to her and a professional team, the cat mom and her unusual four kittens were brought to the city shelter.

No one knew where this furry family came from, but Laura noticed several things. She said:

“Given her weight and her friendliness, I can assume she was cared for regularly by a human, but her paw pads are dry like a cat who has spent quite a bit of time outdoors.”

When the rescue team was about to meet this furry family, they were amazed. The mother cat was black, but all of her four kittens had beautiful but rare chocolate or cinnamon brown fur color.

Laura added:

“We have four girls. Two appear to be solid in pattern, and two have white socks and white markings on the face and chest. Noses and toe beans appear to be a pinkish brown color, which would lead me to tentatively believe that they will not darken to black like Mom, but may remain close to this color. If that is true, they’ll be extremely unique!”

This chocolate or cinnamon fur color is rare and unique. Because of that, cats and kittens with such coloration are hard to find. 

The reason why this coat color is so rare is that it appears only due to a genetic mutation of the black color gene. Laura said:

“They are pretty rare, especially in shelter or rescue cats.”

The mother cat, whom the shelter staff named Mars, was a bit shy and scared when she first arrived at the shelter. However, she adjusted well after realizing that she and her kittens were safe there.

Laura said:

“The first night, she was growling so much at every noise and movement, making unwavering eye contact, and standing so defensively. After a little while, I realized she was just being vocal by letting me know she was scared and feeling protective of her kittens, but she herself wanted human interaction and pets.”

Day after day, Mars completely relaxed and even allowed her foster family to help her with the babies (Hershey, Twix, Baby Ruth, and Reese). 

Thanks to Mars and the people who took care of this furry family, everyone is healthy and happy. The kittens are getting bigger with each day and are always ready for new adventures. Laura said:

“Hershey has a big old round head. Baby Ruth is the smallest and has a narrower face and more almond-shaped eyes. Twix has a little white chin. Reese has a white spot near her nose and is so far the most outgoing of the kittens – always the first to venture to the open door.”

However, these unique kittens aren’t the only ones who improved. Their mother, Mars, also transformed and turned out to be a big love-bug who adores attention. Laura said:

“When she first arrived, I made it a habit to always say, ‘Hello Mama,’ when I opened the door. I wanted her to get used to the sound of my voice. Now, when I enter the room, her head pops up out of the carrier, and she comes running out to greet me! And then she follows me around and rubs my legs while I prepare her food.”

Laura also added:

“I can tell Mars is the kind of Mom who wishes her babies would always stay little, but these kittens are starting to be on the go!”

The best thing about the kittens is that they’re going to keep their unique coat color. They’re just getting bigger and bigger, but their color stays the same.

I’m sure these four special kittens will find a forever home and loving families in the blink of an eye, as well as Mars, the best mom they could have.

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