17 Loving Pets Who Won’t Leave Their Humans Alone

Loving Pets Who Won’t Leave Their Humans Alone
17 Loving Pets Who Won’t Leave Their Humans Alone

Some pets are real detectives/ they can not leave their owners for one second. whether they are in the kitchen doing dishes, in the washroom bathing, or going out to get some groceries, they are always following them. They know what their owners are up to and they cannot stop themselves from behaving clingy. it’s cute and wholesome at the same time when your pets follow you wherever you go. It’s their love for you that is precious enough, they want to e with you all the time. And it’s so much better than those pets who do not come even close if you want to pet them, such as some grown-up grumpy cats.

Pet owners have decided to share with us cute moments of their pets where they did not want to leave their humans alone, even for a second. These pictures are so wholesome that they will induce a warm smile on your face. If you are having a bad day, this post is definitely for you. Scroll down to see some pawsome cuteness.

1. When you are working but your dog wants you to play with him and leave the work

© tly0225 / Reddit

2. When Waffle’s owner go tot eh shower, this is how she waits for her the whole time

© baealay2012 / Reddit

3. “What are you reading? Should not we both leave the book and play outside?”

© wddolson / Reddit

4. “You have been long gone in the shower, come out already.”

© NYChomie / Reddit

5. When you have work to do but this little packet of cuteness is not leaving your side, wants belly rubs and cuddles

© russianadian / Reddit

6. These three cats are my rescue squad, whenever I go to the washroom, if something happens, they are there to help

© DefinitelyAFemale / Reddit

7. Whenever I sleep, this is my view when I wake up, she’s always waiting there like

© sunnyduane / Reddit

8. People say only digs and cats as pets are clingy, but no one talks about this one?

© nickifoxx / Reddit

9. “I just adopted this kitten a few days ago. I never foresaw that it’d be impossible to read with that face looking at me!”

© EveryDayImJocelyn / Reddit

10. Classic duo waiting for me whenever I bath, no privacy is given to me actually

© jumperposse / Reddit

11. Hey buddy, I am Harper and I love to stay at our chest and stare you like..

© jstevens44 / Reddit

12. When your boss is staring at you with a gruesome look even though you have done all your tasks right

© fredandlunchbox / Reddit

13.  Bandit never leaves me alone while I am working too, that’s why all screws are found on the floor

© 10myounger / Reddit

14. “Whenever I’m on the toilet, my cat holds his paw on my foot to make me feel safe.”

© Pontiz0r / Reddit

15. “The girlfriend and I adopted this dude from the shelter yesterday. He follows her everywhere and does this when she sits down.”

© dj_8track / Reddit

16. Always by my side, whether I am sleeping, waking, or doing what so ever

© Man_your_stations / Reddit

17. I went outside the home to pick a package and this one got peeping out the window like..

© Fastfalc222 / Red

Weren’t three animals the most adorable? I mean, clingy pets are a blessing. they make you feel like your presence is important to them. Do your pets dot his too? Share your feedback on this and stay connected to us.