16 Pets Who Did Something For The First Time, And Made Everyone Proud

Pets Who Did Something For The First Time
16 Pets Who Did Something For The First Time, And Made Everyone Proud

When you are a little puppy or kitten you are eager to do a lot of new things, and you are quite excited to learn and do new things. Being a puppy or a kitten is just full of energy, they never rest, and they love to play around and experience new things. These first-time experiences like going to a beach or seeing a Christmas tree can sometimes be really disturbing. Luckily our fluffy friends always have their hoomans ready to do anything for them, melt away any fear. So here at Defused we have collected 15 plus photos of pets who did something for the first time, and we are proud of them. These cutie pies are simply adorable. Keep on scrolling and make sure you watch it till the end. We are sure that you are going to love it. 

1. Look at this adorable doggo growing first teeth

via: © instagremy.gsd / instagram

2. Meet Beanie, she finally pooper in her little box for the first time rather than pooping in shoes and now she’s too tired to get up

via: © dedouglas1 / reddit

3. This adorable puppy opened her eyes for the first time, we wish she sees a lot of happiness

via: © PietervanHaaften / reddit

4. This little rescue dog is going for a convertible ride, and he’s feeling the wind hitting in his fur for the first time, he’s really feeling it ain’t he?

via: © KittiesPourVous / reddit

5. “My new puppy trying on his harness for the first time”

via: © QuietPenguinGaming / reddit

6. First time at the beach, I guess cat owners can relate to this photo

via: © xhimanshux / reddit

7. Meet Bonk, it’s the first time he has felt safe after the shelter, this picture is simply beautiful

via: © ravenousraven222 / reddit

8. This doggo is meeting a cat for the first time, isn’t this photo simply beautiful?

via: © AbideOutside / reddit

9. “My dog is terrified of walking through doorways. Today, for the first time in his life, he came into my room and snoozed on my bed!”

via: © yoloswag4science / reddit

10. This adorable kitty is having a bath for the time

via: © kimi_creme / reddit

11. Look at the happiness on this doggo’s face, it’s his first time in the mountains and he thinks he’s in heavens

via: © Cusackjeff / reddit

12.  “This boy had a spinal injury when he was 12 weeks old. We have helped him learn to walk again and today he peed on his own for the first time. He’s so proud!”

via: © katieka_boom / reddit

13. Do you know what’s going on here? This cat is seeing the Christmas tree for the first time

via: © zombiebandit / reddit

14. Pupper enjoying the freedom, without her leash for the first time

via: © okzoomerboomer / reddit

15. This kitty is shocked to see outside the window for the first time since they have moved into an apartment

via: © some_carboi / reddit

16. Meet this handsome Bill, he had his first day of training to be a medical alert dog

via: © some_carboi / reddit

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