17 Times Our Pets Were Caught Having The Best Time Of Their Life On Camera

Animals can be quite cheeky at times.
17 Times Our Pets Were Caught Having The Best Time Of Their Life On Camera

Animals can be quite cheeky at times.

I mean even if you train your dog as much as you can, you might come home to destroyed pillows just because you were away for too long. Or how about when you catch a cat trying to throw something off the table with her paw? You might tell her no but she will still slowly but surely inch that expensive vase closer to the edge until it has been shattered into million pieces. If you can’t tell, I have firsthand experience with the latter scenario.

But even with all their shenanigans, they are the best thing that happens to us. Sure, sometimes we may get frustrated when they don’t listen to us but it is also adorable to see them having the time of their life playing with a simple twig. And that is what we are going to focus on today. Just the simple things in life that make our pets happy. Whether that be cuddling up in our hood or smiling when we give them a treat.

Scroll below to see for yourself.

#1 Can I take place of this doggo for just one day?

Took these pictures after picking him up from a spa day. This fool just sat there with a big smile and winked at me

#2 Most cats just love to take our arm hostage.

My kitty was sleeping on me with this adorable smile.

#3 Now I really need a big cowl neck shirt for my cat to sleep in.

#4 ‘Is it the day I get to play? I am so excited!’

Sadie Mae smiles when Monday rolls around because her cousins come to play.

#5 This is the face of someone who knows there are only good things ahead.

Mikey’s face when he left the shelter for his forever home!

#6 These kittens have adopted this person, no way to back out of this now.

#7 Otis seems to be having a grand old time at the beach.

13 silly years together! Happy Birthday Otis!

#8 That is the looks of pure unaltered happiness on their faces.

#9 ‘Do I get to blow out the candle now?’

My husky, Sasha, enjoying her 6th birthday with her friends.

#10 This is one majestic picture.

Honestly, making our pets happy actually makes us happy as well. I mean when they smile at you with their big adorable eyes, isn’t it the best feeling in the world? I know I melt into a puddle when my kitty wants to sleep in my lap. And that is exactly why our pets deserve the world and we should give it to them no questions asked.

#11 Who doesn’t like tearing up Christmas presents?

After he thoroughly tore up all the Christmas wrap we gave to him to destroy.

#12 Some cats are just photogenic no matter what pose they strike.

#13 A dog with a hotdog in his mouth? That somehow sounds wrong.

#14 Just looks at that smile on his face!

#15 Dogs just love to play around in the rain.

Drying her off after our walk in the rain. Enjoying this season as I get to spend more time with my girl.

#16 This is what happens after you eat a lot and can’t get up.

#17 All this doggo needed was some love.

A very happy boy after we rescued him from the mean, rainy streets of LA.